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Simplenote is a web application designed to store text notes easily and quickly.

Its interface is fully compatible with devices that operate with touch screen.

It is interesting that each note has a history of modifications can be seen at any time instantly.

Another interesting feature is that which allows you to make some notes in order to access them quickly from the note list.

To locate notes from a particular topic use the instant search. Simply start typing in the search field and the results will appear.

If you save a little more order, you can add keywords to each note. At the top of the list of notes, you can activate filters for each of the keywords.

Undoubtedly, Simplenote is created for those who want to keep personal notes, tutorials presets or operations, uncomplicated.
Simplenote, the most effective note-taking tool

Tools for taking notes are all over the place, but what really keeps this one on top is it's functionality. Remember the phrase: Keep It Simple, Stupid? Well, industry giants like OneNote and EverNote took things too far turning themselves into monsters that have too many functions. Not everybody likes all that unneeded excess, yours truly included. Simplenote is a major reference in tools for note-taking that after years of experience, has evolved over time while retaining that initial simplicity which is now its hallmark.
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