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There are a lot of tools out there for taking notes. Most of them make the mistake of including too many useless add ons. Especially when all you want to do is jot down a few simple reminders that you want in one place so they're easier to find later. Simplenote is a reference in its field, and its hallmark feature is just how simple it really is.

This program allows you to take notes that you'll be able to save as a reminder. You can tag them to make finding them even easier. Simplenote is available on a number of platforms and can be synchronized seamlessly between them through your user account. There's a browser version, an app for iOS and Android and its also available on Mac and Linux among many others.

Extra features are not what Simple Notepad is about, so you won't find too many of them, but that doesn't mean this app isn't extremely useful. It is. You can use it to control different versions of a text file, or work on it with your whole team in real time, or even publish it online automatically by using an exclusive URL on Simplenote's own servers.
By Erika Okumura
Simplenote, the most effective note-taking tool

Tools for taking notes are all over the place, but what really keeps this one on top is it's functionality. Remember the phrase: Keep It Simple, Stupid? Well, industry giants like OneNote and EverNote took things too far turning themselves into monsters that have too many functions. Not everybody likes all that unneeded excess, yours truly included. Simplenote is a major reference in tools for note-taking that after years of experience, has evolved over time while retaining that initial simplicity which is now its hallmark.
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